Harmonic Totality

Andrew Zarou is a visual artist from Brooklyn. His exhibition at The Painting Center features his abstract paintings. The article from Two Coats of Paint perfectly describes his paintings as having comprehensive order, in which order is not defined by strict thinking or orderliness but instead by the “platonic quality of harmonic totality”. The idea of harmonic totality really resonated with me, especially with the upcoming Invisible Cities project. I aspire to create a piece that achieves harmonic totality, not by its perfection or orderliness, but instead by the coming together of my ideas in a graceful and harmonious manner. Andrew Zarou’s work has inspired me to push out of my perfectionist side and into a more dynamic perspective for this abstract project.

Learn more about Andrew Zarou’s exhibition here: https://www.twocoatsofpaint.com/2021/02/andrew-zarous-particular-beat.html

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